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Know about the Colognes and Aftershaves that are almost forgotten

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I have only known about the Gillette brand that sells shaving items for men. Whenever I shop something from the men’s section at a general store, I couldn’t help noticing the colognes and aftershaves. Just as Axe body sprays are a big hit, Gillette aftershaves also seem to do well.

Best Fragrances available

There are few colognes and aftershaves that are not even touched since long. There are racks full of such collection at a grocery store to which hardly anyone pays attention. Among them, there are few items available from brands that were once used by grandpa such as Old Spice, English Leather, etc. The younger generation overlooks such brands.

Let’s just be honest that fragrances of such colognes and aftershaves are good and you also feel like turning your nose to it. A test was carried out to know in detail about the colognes and aftershaves that are almost forgotten and some old-fashioned stuff were personally given a try to reveal the truth.

Results of testing stuff that are no longer used by our generation.

The test was continued for a week and people used the products personally so those true findings can be reported and people were happy to tell their observations. The drugstore colognes and aftershaves have a great smell and people gave a thought to start using them again. Colognes from new brands these days are so expensive that some people only use them during special occasions. Sometimes it is obvious that you should now how to use a cologne

The thoughts after using the forgotten colognes and aftershaves are listed below.

Findings after using colognes and aftershaves from some old brands

Aqua Velva Ice Blue

Released as a brand in the year 1929, it first launched mouthwash for men as its first product. Until the year 1935, the brand didn’t get pitched as an aftershave brand and then it started selling aftershave products. The brand’s famous product that took over the market and has always been popular was the cooling menthol which was used to soothe razor burn.

The brand also made marketing efforts by releasing ads on the Television to cast its product that was men fragrance. There were various commercials produced by the brand to make its product popular among the masses.

Its fragrance: The product has a nice manly smell which is clean and has more of menthol essence in it. It has also got some other ingredients as well and the fragrance has got their hints such as lavender, vanilla and oakmoss. Its initial smell is potent, the fragrance gets faded away and turns into a manly smell of oakmoss.

English Leather

The brand was used by most of the grandfathers. The brand was launched in the year 1949, and the brand has not bought many changes to its products. The product still has the same formula, same rectangular bottle and the same wooden lid on it. The gift box offered by the brand was popular among men for many years. The brand has also made marketing efforts by casting its ads which featured a woman who says that “All her men uses English Leather”.

Its fragrance: The fragrance is very simple. Initially, the smell is much like a citrus flavour. Slowly, the smell fades into a woody smell and then into a leathery fragrance. If worn for a long time i.e all day long it smells more like baby powder.

Pinaud Clubman

This is one of the oldest aftershave lotions in our knowledge. The brand was introduced in 1810, and this then it has been providing a smell which is manlier and offers a variety of grooming products for men. The brand was used by almost every barber those days and they were found on every salon’s shelf. The barbershops had a nice fragrance from Pinaud Clubman’s products.

Its fragrance: This stuff is potent in nature. The fragrance is made from many ingredients mixed together. You’ll find hints of many different fragrances such as orange, lavender and jasmine, etc. The product has also got a nice antiseptic smell similar to that of alcohol. It is believed that smelling alcohol can be awful, but this brand makes it work by making alcohol smell pleasant.


The brand was released in 1963 and it used to market its fragrance as a luxury scent. Rebranding of the product was done twice and it was known as one of the iconic fragrances every time. The brand has marketed itself as a company that produces fragrances for men to represent their strength. The athletes were generally used as the spokesmen for this brand.

Its fragrance: There are lovers and haters of this brand. The scent is a mixture of various fragrances such as oakmoss, lavender, sandalwood and jasmine. It has somewhat aggressiveness in its scent.

Old Spice

This brand has both colognes and aftershaves. Grandpa’s generation used this brand. The product has got a charming fragrance and it also plays some kind of role in your eventual birth. It has got an iconic shaped bottle in which the fragrances are sold since its release in the year 1938. It is believed that the brand has made some tweaks to the product and it still has that strong manly smell.

It’s fragrance: As the name suggests, it has a spicy fragrance. Sage and cinnamon used in the product, their fragrance overpowers other hints in the product. A pleasant musk and cedarwood scent is left after the cologne fades away.

Some of the famous brands of colognes are still available and these were used by the previous generations. They can still be found in the shelves if the departmental store and they are not at all paid attention. Some were really nice brands available that were available at a low price and used to stay for long. Some best perfumes for women were amazing and the wildness could be felt in the scent itself. Many are still produced but they are not to grab the attention of the young generation and they go for high price brands that have evolved in the market these days.

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